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The London Craft Week

- Gabriel Eden James -

Gabriel Eden James, founder of The Eden Realm, is a self-trained multi-disciplined Artist specialising in architectural and interior miniature art. 


Combining an array of artistic skills spanning design, carpentry, sculpture, and painting, Gabriel has spent the past 5 years perfecting his craft to create highly detailed replicas of architectural monuments and fictional designs. 

from museum grade historical landmarks to country cottage drinks cabinets, his creations are used to tell the stories and desires of his clients in a truly bespoke experience.

Over the past 5 years Gabriel's creations have been celebrated in multiple publications including Italian Casa Vogue, The times, The Financial Times, and many other international Publications.

Artist, Gabriel Eden James

As a young boy Gabriel was fascinated by detail and life-like miniature objects, often preferring collectable models over simple toys. This was largely reflected in his collection of classic cars. 

It wasn't until he was 23 that he completed his first architectural miniature after fulfilling a life long dream of owning a dolls house. unhappy with it's toy-like appearance, he stripped back the house to it's bare frame ready to re-imagine new possibilities.


It was from here that Gabriel began to develop the skills and knowledge that was needed to create the level of intricacy and realism that is seen in his pieces today.


Gabriel Eden James at work in London

The Eden Realm Workshop

The Eden Realm workshop, london

- T h e  W o r k s h o p - 

From his workshop in London, Gabriel spends the majority of his time creating commission pieces and furthering his skills within the craft. 


Many of Gabriel's outside interests heavily inspire the types of work that he creates including history, classical art, architecture, antiques and traditional painting. This can also be seen in the style of his workshop which doubles up as workspace and office where he hosts afternoon tea for clients to talk over their ideas. 

To book an appointment with Gabriel or for any other queries please email :

Alternatively you can use the Contact form and Gabriel will get back to you as soon as possible.


All queries are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you!

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