Gleaming with elegance and charm, The Wedgwood Room is a perfect example of miniature craftmanship. 


Largely inspired by the beautiful designs of classic Wedgwood, the Wedgwood Room is the perfect balance between granduer and simplicity with it's clean lined finishes. Along with a delicate functioning chandelier the room box also comes with one of my Grand 24ct Gold Leafed mirrors.


The floor is created from individually cut and placed wood floorboards and  has had a 3 stage finishing process including staining, french polishing and waxing. To add extra life and movement to the piece, intentional marks and scuffs have been recreated to replicate the authentic wear and tear you would find within a real room. 

All of the 3 walls and the ceiling come apart via screws to add ease when adding paintings etc or if repairs may be needed. 

PLEASE NOTE - The slippers are not included. 

Due to the weight and delicate nature of the room box shipping will be calculated afterwards and an invoice will be provided. I will personally deliver the room box to all UK Addresses.


The Wedgwood Room